Program Objective: We work to promote equitable land rights through strengthening women’s tenure security and decision making on land.

Her Land Her Right”- Women’s land rights are human rights and central to the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals.

Land rights are a transformational engine to a better livelihood. Women’s Land Rights are foundational to gender equality and women’s dignity, and instrumental to improving food security, effective climate action, poverty eradication, and sustainable economic growth.

 Despite the progressive and gender progressive land laws, many women are still unable to enjoy their land rights due to restrictive norms and practices that deny women girls from inheriting, owning and making decisions on land and other productive resources. 

UCOBAC implements interventions that support women and girls to enjoy rights to land and property through;

  • Building a strong community support structure to sustainably promote WLPRs.

  • Capacity building of land actors to provide gender responsive land services.

  • Promoting access to information and services on land, property and natural resources.

  • Social and gender norms Transformation programming.

  • Land rights registration and documentation using pro-poor, gender responsive and Fit for Purpose land tools and approaches.

  • Women’s Land Rights research documentation and advocacy for policy, law and practice reform.