UCOBAC Finance and Accounting Manual

Uganda Community Based Association for Women and Children Welfare (UCOBAC) is a non-partisan, nongovernment organization whose mission is to promote human rights and welfare of vulnerable women and
children in Uganda using community-based initiatives. UCOBAC envisions empowered and transformed
communities free of poverty and able to fully exercise to human rights and fundamental freedoms.

UCOBAC is entrusted with a stewardship role of both financial and materials resources that are paramount
in the realization of its vision and mission. This role calls for establishment and entrenchment of processes
that promote transparency and accountability in the organization’s structural framework. UCOBAC is
increasingly dealing with various stakeholders in her work and conformity to general accounting practices is
UCOBAC recognizes the importance of employing sound financial and administrative policies and
procedures to effectively coordinate and efficiently utilize the resources entrusted to the organization in a
manner that will lead to the realization of its vision, mission, and objectives. The aim of this financial
accounting manual is therefore to enable UCOBAC achieve its set goals through an effective, efficient and
orderly financial management framework and procedures. This manual has been developed to guide the
financial operations of the organization, to ensure financial stewardship, integrity and transparency, which
will in turn add credibility to the financial management of the organization.
These procedures form part of the internal control structure and complement other work instructions of the
organization including for example the human resource manual. The Financial and Accounting Manual also
explains the functional relationships and responsibilities of all staff, including those without a financial
background, involved in the handling of financial, accounting, procurement and related matters of UCOBAC.
Lack of strong internal will to institutionalize and enforce generally acceptable accounting practices affects
the organization’s credibility, reputation and ability to fulfill its goal and objectives. Therefore; lack of
accountability and transparency is not healthy for the future of the organization. Staff is encouraged to adhere
to the manual when making financial decisions, transactions, book keeping and financial reporting.

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