The Regional Platform 4- Equal land rights for women

Collaboratively advancing gender justice and women land rights in Africa

The Regional Platform 4 on Equal Land rights for women is a membership body under the International Land Coalition which brings together people’s organizations from East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa to collaboratively promote people centered land governance by ensuring gender justice in relation to land where women and girls have equitable access to and control over land. In addition, the platform members strive to secure an Africa where rural women and girls enjoy their rights to land and land-based resources and equal representation in land governance bodies.

 The platform strategy focuses on four thematic areas including;

  • Bridging implementation gaps on WLRs laws and policies
  •  Strengthening grassroots women voice and agency for WLRs
  • Transforming cultural and customary barriers that hinder women and girls’ access to land.
  • Promoting WLRs for climate change mitigation.

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