Strengthening Women’s Land Rights for Resilient Livelihoods in Karamoja Sub-region.

Equitable land rights as a prerequisite for food and income security

Karamoja is a pastoral community comprising of nine districts situated in the semi-arid area in Uganda. The region suffers from existing structural gender inequalities on access, ownership and control over land coupled with the existing and emerging conflicts over the limited land and natural resources. This has tied the region in insecurity, vulnerability, poverty, food insecurity and environmental degradation which affects the development of communities, the region and the country at large.  Karamoja being a pastoralist community, there is less investment in agriculture subjecting households to recurrent hunger and famine in the region.  This coupled prolonged dry spells in the region, there is low food production with little or no surplus to sell.

 The “Strengthening women land rights for resilient livelihoods in Karamoja Sub-region” project is being implemented by UCOBAC in partnership with DanChurchAid in Napak District in Karamoja Sub-region. The project aims at ensuring that women in Karamoja have secure access, sustainable use and effectively participate in decision making on land as a prerequisite for food and income security at household level. This project offers a holistic approach to promote equitable land rights, income and food security through the following three specific objectives;

  • To increase women’s legal literacy and self- efficacy to WLRs
  • To support transformation of negative and harmful norms to WLRs
  • To enhance food and income security for target households in Karamoja sub region 

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