Strengthening Women’s Access and Decision Making on Communal Lands and Natural Resources

Breaking the norms- sharing a voice on land

In Karamoja sub-region, communities face prolonged droughts and high temperatures which greatly disrupt food production systems and related land dependant activities like cattle rearing in the communities, increasing poverty, hunger and food insecurity. Climate Change impacts are not gender neutral due to existing gender inequalities. Grassroot women are hardest hit by the negative impacts of climate change as it increases the burden of care work on women who rely on agricultural land, water and forest resources to play their care role.

UCOBAC is implementing a project “Strengthening Women’s access and decision making on communal lands and natural resources” in Karamoja Sub-region with the aim of ensuring that women living on communal lands and dependent on Natural resources have secure land rights and equally participate in decisions taken on key livelihood resources. To project aims at achieving the following outcomes;

  • Strengthened capacities of communities to champion interventions that promote women’s land rights and promote climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Increased legal literacy and social norm behaviour change on women’s land rights and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Increased women’s access to gender responsive land administration and justice.
  • Enhanced women’s voice, agency and leadership.

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