Stand for Her Land Campaign Uganda (S4HL)

Advancing WLRs through closing the implementation gap between law and practice

The Stand for Her Land (S4HL) campaign is a civil society led global collaborative campaign with a mission to strengthen women’s land rights through collective advocacy that aims to close the implementation gap between law and practice. S4HL campaign engages in collective, country-led advocacy to remove social and structural barriers that prevent women from exercising their land, property and natural resource rights, and to ensure that land tenure governance, reforms, and processes equitably include and benefit women.

In Uganda, the campaign is coordinated by Uganda Community Based Association for Women and Children Welfare under the auspices of the National Land Coalition in Uganda- a national level advocacy platform under the International Land Coalition whose goal is to promote people-centered land governance through policy and practice change.

While there are several obstacles to the realization of women land rights in Uganda, the Campaign will focus on the following five priority issues;

  • Social norm and cultural practices preventing women from accessing, owning and controlling land.
  • Inadequate funding and capacity for land management and administration institutions to support WLR.
  • Limited Awareness on the legal and regulatory framework on women land rights by rights holders, duty bearers and community members.
  • Limited access to land justice for women.
  • Limited participation, weak voice and fractured agency of grassroots women in land governance.

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