Program Objective: We work to build resilient communities to effects of climate change.

“Impacts of climate change are not gender neutral due to existing gender inequalities “

Climate change is one of the most challenging threats to sustainable development in the world today. Climate change induced natural catastrophes including floods, prolonged droughts, storms among others mostly affect agricultural land and other natural resources like water, forest, wetlands and other eco systems on which many, especially those living in rural communities and women heavily rely to sustain their livelihoods, food security needs and play their care giving roles.

It is on this basis that UCOBAC through its Climate Change and Resilient Livelihoods’ Program undertakes different activities to build community resilience to effects of climate change on their livelihoods.

Our CCRL Program interventions include;

  • Advocating for implementation of policies and enforcement of laws that enhance family and community agricultural productivity.

  • Building local capacity through community-based participatory actions aimed at promoting food security.

  • Promoting Climate Smart Agricultural practices to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

  • Promoting agro-forestry and utilization of appropriate agricultural technology to limit vulnerability to climate shock.

  • Collaborating with communities and duty bearers to draw resilient action plans.

  • Collaborative action and investment.

UCOBAC climate change action is grounded in locally led Adaptation principles including;

  • Devolving decision making to the lowest appropriate level.

  • Investing and adaptation of local/ indigenous practices.

  • Addressing structural inequalities faced by women, youth, children, disabled, displaced, Indigenous Peoples and marginalized ethnic groups.

  • Providing patient and predictable funding that can be accessed more easily.

  • Investing in local capabilities to leave an institutional legacy.

  • Building a robust understanding of climate risk and uncertainty.

  • Flexible programming and learning.

  • Ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • Collaborative action and investment.