Child development project

In partnership with Canadian Feed the Children (CFTC), UCOBAC is implementing the “Child Development Project” (CDP) at community level inBugiri district. The CDP project is being implemented in 10 Government aided schools in Bulesa and Buluguyi Subcounties of Bugiri District with the aim of helping children thrive by providing an enabling environment at home, school and in the communities through focusing on the four major physical spheres of influence and power (Self-The person, Household, Institutions and Community).

The major focus of the project is the person-child and interventions under this project are planned to directly benefit the child to grow and thrive as well as become empowered members of the society. The project focuses on five sectors, including; (i) Food security and nutrition, (ii) Livelihoods, (iii) Education, (iv) Health/SRHR (v) Community and Organizational capacity. Within each sector, there are specific initiatives that are undertaken to respond to critical challenges faced by the child. These initiatives target the child and the environment within which they live and interact.  

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