Who we are

Uganda Community Based Association for Women and Children Welfare (UCOBAC) is a Non-Government Organization in Uganda whose mission is to promote human rights and improve welfare of women and children in Uganda using community based initiatives. The organization was founded in 1990 and first registered in 1991.

Since 1990 UCOBAC has worked with millions of children, women and youth empowering them with the most powerful tools to transform their lives as individuals, families and communities. Emerging from being a purely child-oriented organization supporting millions of orphans and vulnerable children who became victims of civil war, HIV/AIDS and other health related factors at the time to providing holistic, comprehensive, sustainable programs focusing on empowering and transforming children, women and their communities.


We envision empowered communities free of poverty and able to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms.


To promote human rights and improve the welfare of women and children using community-based initiatives.